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Badger Meter Dynasonics

DXN Portable Hybrid Ultrasonic Flow Meters

  • Portable hybrid ultrasonic meter, transit time and Doppler measurement
  • Touch-screen featuring job-specific controls
  • Large, full color display for easy-to-read screens
  • Data log flow, temperature and other instrumentation
  • USB port for transferring data log files in .csv format
  • Multiple graphing options and advanced diagnostics
  • Battery or line powered
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Hazardous Gas Detection & Monitoring Specialists
  • Versatile Product line
  • Detection and monitoring of toxic, combustible, and other gases
  • Multiple applications in mines, refineries, naval vessels, schools, automotive dealerships, municipal water/sewer facilities, and many more.

Omron-STI OS32C
Safety Laser Scanner

  • 8 Individual sector indicators and LED indicators, determine scanner status at a galance
  • Safety range of 4m
  • Easy-to-use Software Tool simplifies creation of camplex zone combinations
  • Response time as fast as 80 ms
  • Compact size 133 x 104.5 x 142.7 mm (5.2 x 4.1 x 5.6 in.)

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Fluke Thermal Imager
  • Instantly provides non-contact temperature images to quickly determine hot spots.
  • Fully radiometric for detailed temperature analysis and tracking of critical components
  • Large color LCD displays screen
  • Uses revolutionary detector technology to provide a clear thermal image while accurately measuring the temperature
  • SmartView software allows an individual to view, optimize and analyze infrared or IR images

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